Learning how to give a guy head the right way

Yo girls! So learning how to give a guy head can be really difficult and quite frustrating if you don’t have the right information. My girlfriend was actually quite nervous as she really wanted to make sure I enjoyed it. As I was not a really good teacher at the time, we decided to buy some books on the internet.

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What we learned

Well first up, we wanted something that had the right advice but wasn’t too extreme. What really bothered us is that most of these ‘manuals’ (if you can call them that) were more like porn magazines. They looked great with lots of raunchy pictures of girls and guys. But just like porn magazines, there wasn’t a lot of decent information in them. In fact most of the information was ridiculous.

They had no practical value.

So I want to give you guys 3 tips you can use today.

Don’t go too deep

This is more for you than him. When you are first learning how to give a guy head the right way, you might feel like taking his penis right to the back of your throat. My advice, don’t. It will trigger your gag reflex. (I’m not saying that you will vomit, but the sound is not very sexy). Instead bring your tongue to the top of your mouth to create a sort of barrier to prevent his dick from reaching your throat.


There is a lot of different things you can do while blowing your man. I didn’t actually realize that there was so many different techniques to giving head to your boyfriend. We actually got nearly every single one from this book

My favorite fellatio technique is when my girlfriend starts to suck and uses loads of saliva. Then she takes her mouth off my shaft and gently blows on it. It feels really cool (as in cold). Then she starts using her mouth again and I warm back up. It makes me more sensitive and feels really good, especially when she mixes it with other techniques. So please remember, variation is crucial!

Eye Contact

This is something I never thought wouldn’t make a difference, but looking into your man’s eyes as you are giving him head makes the blowjob feel that much better! I don’t know why, but we read it in the Bad Girls Bible.

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