How To Satisfy A Man Sexually – 5 Simple Yet Powerful Tips

Knowing how to satisfy a man sexually is a very important part of any relationship, sometimes the most important part. While obviously you don’t want to neglect the other aspects of your relationship, especially the emotional part, it’s vital that you have the necessary skills in the bedroom to satisfy your man sexually. Otherwise you run the unfortunate risk of him looking for sexual satisfaction somewhere else.

So what are the skills that you need to learn to fulfill his desires in the bedroom….

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Slow Down

This is probably the most important and easiest tip that you can ever use on your man. By slowing down sex and not giving your man everything at first, you are automatically going to make him want more. But if you give him everything right away, then in a week’s time there will be nothing left to give and he may start to get bored. Instead, slow down and make him work for it a little bit. That way, sex will still be exciting months after you first start going out.

Different Places, Different Times

Some girls only think of how to satisfy a man sexually in the bedroom. This is fine, except that you can use different places and times to give your man a massive range of sexual experiences. Having sex on the couch or the kitchen counter can be very exciting! It can also be very thrilling for a guy to have sex outside (Just make sure that you are not breaking the law!). You also should experiment with the times that you are having sex. Rather than just having sex in the evening or in the morning, consider initating sex when he leasts expects it. Hop into the shower with him. Grab him when he is washing the dishes. Changing the place and time you have sex is a very simple but powerful way to satisfy your man sexually.

Change Roles In The Bedroom

If you are accustomed to your man being sexually dominant in the bedroom, then try reversing the roles a little bit. Become dominant. Straddle your man and push his arms behind his head. If he resists, wave your finger in his face as if he is being bold and then tell him that he has been naughty and that you are in charge now. Changing roles in the bedroom is a very easy way to satisfy a man sexually in bed.

Dress Up

Men get turned on by what they see. This is probably the truest thing that you will ever hear when learning how to satisfy your guy sexually. So use this to your advantage and purchase so sexy clothes. Either for the bedroom or for wearing on a night out. Even though your clothes obviously have no involvement in the act of sex itself, they will help to quickly turn your man on. Dressing sexy is a technique that needs to be used sparingly. If you are constantly wearing sexy/slutty clothes, then your man may start to think less of you.

Talk Dirty

Talking dirty does not come naturally to everybody. Just like learning how to give a good blowjob. In fact you may feel a little self conscious when you first start talking dirty to your man. Even if you do feel a little nervous, you should keep in mind that it’s a fantastic way to sexually satisfy a man. To get your confidence up, you should start by saying only slightly dirty things to your man like, “I like it when you wear those trousers.” or “I have plans for you tonight.” Then once you do feel confident, you can start saying more raunchy things. For more tips on talking dirty, check out my guide on How To Talk Dirty To A Guy.

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