How To Turn A Guy On – 5 Sexy Tips To Blow His Mind!

Once you know how to turn a guy on, he will be putty in your hands! Literally. However there is the right way and the wrong way to turn a guy on. Just follow these simple steps to turn your man on and having him begging for more. You may be interested to know that all of these tips came from the free Bad Girls Bible newsletter that will teach you everything you need to know about giving your man awesome blowjobs.

Dress Sexy!

This should go without saying when you are figuring out how to turn a man on. While most girls already know that men get turned on by what they see, few understand just how powerfully it turns guys on. How many times have you been walking down the street and your man has turned his head to see a girl wearing something very sexy? Use this to your advantage to turn your boyfriend on. So you may feel a little uncomfortable wearing really slutty clothes, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear clothes that are more revealing than usual.

Talk Sexy!

The next part to turning a guy on is by talking sexy. You may feel a little uncomfortable talking sexy at first, but this is really key if you want to learn how to turn a guy on. To make yourself feel more comfortable, start with baby steps until you get your confidence. You can try saying things like, “I was thinking about you last night” or “Sometimes I think about you at night” or “I can’t stop thinking about what I want to do to you”. Saying these kinds of things isn’t that hard, and are a sure fire way to turn him on.

However once you are comfortable talking sexy, you can ramp it up. You can start saying things like, “I want to do very bad things to you later” or “I keep wondering what you would look like if you were naked” or “I want you so bad”. There are a few key things to remember when talking sexy if you are trying to turn a guy on. Firstly you must always start out slowly and build it up. Next you must remember that whispering it into his ear is much better at turning him on than by saying it loudly. Last, you only need to say one or 2 sexy things to truly turn him on, there’s no need to overdo it.

The Art Of Surprise!

One technique many girls leave out when learning how to turn on a guy is using surprise to your advantage. Many guys get bored easily. Why else do you see them turning their heads at every other girl when they are walking down the street with you? To stop him from getting bored and to turn him on, try surprising him instead. This could be something like calling him over to help you fix the toaster, but when he arrives, open the door dressed in lingerie. Or you could try something different instead, like calling over to his house and telling him you have something to show him in the bedroom, then initiating sex with him!

Don’t Forget To Touch!

This next part is super important when learning how to turn a guy on. Touching him may not seem like the most sexy thing ever. But when combined with talking sexy and dressing sexy, it will be amplified very strongly. If you touch him in a boring way, like on the shoulder or elbow, then most likely it will have little effect. But if you grab him around the waist or if you touch his hand, neck or face then he will definitely get turned on by it.

Take Control In The Bedroom

Let’s be honest girls: most guys are in charge in the bedroom. However something that will help you to turn a guy on is to take the lead when you are in bed together. ‘Taking Control’ can be something as simple as being on top during sex or talking a little dirty. However once you are comfortable doing this, you can take more of a lead. You can tell him what to do or what not to do. Just use commands like, “Lie Down” or “Shut Up”. However you may not be entirely comfortable doing this.

Although, we didn’t talk about it too much in this article, it’s also vital to learn how to give your man a blow job.

If you are interested in learning more about how to turn your man on as well as pleasing him sexually then you should check out the Bad Girls Bible for the best tips and help.



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