How to Give Good Head To A Guy

There are a few great tips when learning how to give good head to a guy to make your lover enjoy it that much more. Use these 2 golden nuggets to spice things up for your man.

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Make sure to tease

Many girls forget that guys like foreplay too. I’m not talking about an hour of foreplay or anything like that, just 5-10 minutes of teasing him before you actually go down on him. This is crucial to learning how to give good head to a guy. First start by massaging him outside of his trousers for a minute or two, before slowly unbuttoning/unzipping them and using your hands on his shaft and balls for a few minutes. The next thing you need to do is then move onto gently rubbing his balls so that you are massaging them (this is a secret little trick, a mans testicles are ultra-sensitive and all guys enjoy having their testicles gently massaged/rubbed).

After doing this for a few minutes, it’s time to start giving him a handjob. All you need to do is to take his penis in your hand(s) and stroke it up and down. Just make sure that you don’t grab his dick too tightly in the beginning. When you have been pulling him off for a few minutes, it’s time to then move on to giving him oral sex.

Lick it!

So when you first bring your mouth to his penis you may be thinking that you should take it into your mouth straight away and start fellating him. Don’t, it’s just something you see in porn movies. Instead, use your tongue to lick both his shaft and balls. This is again super pleasurable to guys as it feels really good, but your man knows that he still has even more to look forward to.

Top How to Give Good Head To A Guy Tip: The head/tip of his penis is the most sensitive part, so concentrate on that.

After licking his penis for a few minutes, it’s time to take it in your mouth and gently suck on it. All you need to do is slowly move your mouth up and down his shaft, while using your tongue to massage it. You can also use you tongue as a brake to prevent you from taking too much of his penis into your mouth.

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