My Story

Here is my story. Of how I went from hopeless to sex goddess in a matter of days. It all started when I was dumped by yet another man….

“Nobody wants to suck in bed”

That’s what he told me. Like it was supposed to make me feel better!

He was the second guy to dump me in under a year. And I still didn’t get it. I was fun to be around. I had a great career. I had a great figure. And I had at least 3 other guys chasing after me. But he dumped me because I was bad in bed.

He had hinted at it before, but I never knew that it would come to this!

But truthfully I knew that I sucked in bed. I knew that I wasn’t giving an intense sexual experience he could have gotten elsewhere. And it scared me. I was always afraid he would leave me because I couldn’t bring the passion and fire to the bedroom that I knew other girls could. And in the end he did…

My Road to Success

But instead of crying over spilled milk and hoping I would magically become a fantastic lover, I decided to learn everything I could to become a demon in the sack!

And today I want to share my secrets to satisfying men with you!

But before telling you these secrets, I want you to know one thing: this wasn’t an easy process, where I found one magical trick to please my guy. I had to work hard and try things I wouldn’t normally do.

So if you are not prepared to try something a little different, then leave now and prepare to have your unfulfilled boyfriend leave you too.

Sorry if that sounded a little harsh, but the things that are truly worthwhile in life take work!

Still here?

Great! Let’s get to work.

Ok, so let’s start by going through some of the basics, then later in the article I will show you the high octane stuff, that will give your guy screaming orgasms:

Rule#1 Men get turned on by what they see!

Really? Well pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry, right? So if guys are spending billions of dollars a year on porn, then you can be sure that they get turned on by what they see! So how can you make yourself appear hotter?

  • Get in shape – This doesn’t mean stop eating! It means that you need to get your ass down to a gym and start working out. This is so that your bum is pert, your breasts are firm and you have a youthful appearance. There I said it and it may have sounded mean, sorry!
  • Wear sexy clothes, that complement you body to arouse your man. If you are both alone, you can take this to the extreme and wear something even a little slutty! But if you are not keen to go overboard and dress outrageously, then you might consider less slutty, but hot.

Ok, so men get turned on by what they see. That may have been obvious to some of you. But what else can you do to please your man in bed?

Rule #2 Talk dirty!

This is not something that comes naturally to most girls but talking dirty is something that really arouses guys.

If you ever watch porn, you may notice that the girls don’t just lie there passively. Quite the opposite, they are talking dirty to their partner. And needless to say, men like it.

But how can you incoporate talking dirty into bedroom activities?

Simple: Just follow these steps…

  • Make sexy sounds before, during and after foreplay. So this means rather than giggling like a kid, you need to moan, breath deeply and purr (obviously not like a cat!)
  • Let your man know when he is hitting a good spot or doing something you like. Just say, “That feels so good”, “Keep going”, “Don’t stop”, “Please keep going” or “That’s the right spot”. You don’t need to go overboard, just start off saying simple things.
  • Next you need to get specific. Between moaning and heavy breathing, you need to start asking for specific things, “I want you inside me, baby.” or “I want to feel you in my mouth” or “It feels so good when you slide inside me.”You may find that you are a little uncomfortable saying things like this to your guy, but you have to try. Even if you are a little nervous.
  • Fulfill his fantasy. When you are comfortable with the first 3 steps, you then need to use fantasies to truly satisfy your lover. Find out what it is and then start playing it out in the bedroom. Pretend to be a ditsy nurse, a nasty prostitute or even just a sweet college girl. The key is to totally commit to the role.

Rule #3 Blowjobs are like Cocaine, only more powerful!

I was always nervous going down on my man to give him a blowjob, so I did it very rarely. Little did I know that all men crave a woman who can give great head!

So what can you do to give your man great head?

  • Start with your hands. To give a great blowjob, you need to build anticipation. Don’t take his penis straight into your mouth. Instead you should try to start by stroking and massaging it with your hands.
  • Don’t forget about his testicles. A mans testicles are super sensitive. Make sure to massage them while you are massaging his penis. Just remember to do it gently.
  • Kiss first. Again this helps to build anticipation with your man. Kiss his penis from the bottom of the shaft to the tip of the penis.
  • Then take him in your mouth. You do not have to take him too deep as the most sensitive part is the head.

These are really just the most basic tips I got from reading this detailed book about blowjobs. It’s over 100 pages all dedicated to the art of blowjobs, so it’s pretty thorough! I can honestly say that knowing how to give a fantastic blowjob is most important tool in my arsenal to make my fiance crave my presence!

I’d just like to say thanks to Sean Jameson, the author for it. He’s a pretty good sex coach, who has even appeared on Oprah and in Cosmo, talking about this stuff.

Anyway, these tips I have given here are a great starting point on the road to getting good in bed. But if you really want it to last with a guy, then you gotta invest in this part of your life and learn how to be good in bed. I never thought I could do it, but I did and now I’m giving advice to friends!


Me & Jimbo on a trip to New York!P.S. Here I am with my man! I really want to show him off to the world, but unfortunately all my convincing couldn’t get him to show his sexy face 🙁

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  1. marilyn says:

    I have a boyfriend and have a good friendship relationship for 10 months now. I have no experience on how to satisfy him in bed and it frustrates him when I do not know how to do his penis in my mouth or if I do not say “I love to suck all dicks” when he tells me to say it while we are having sexual intercourse. He said it turns him on when he hears me saying it to him. But the moment he met me and even now, he says to me often that I turn him on. One thing he hasn’t done is to kiss me passionately before and during sex. I want him to kiss me first and I long to kiss him whenever I think of him and see him. Do you think I should ask him to kiss me or to him a kiss by surprise. I know he loves me and I love him too. I don’t want our relationship to end and just stay good friends, and finding out he will have other woman who can satisfy him with what he wants her to be or to do. We are both good persons and we both like who we are for each other. He likes my good personality that he says he needs in his life to be with. Please help me. When I try to put his penis in my mouth after I kiss it, I gag right away and makes feel like throwing up. I have never done this in my life even when I was married before. I felt fear, nervous and scared when I look in his eyes. But in my heart I know he loves me and I do love him so much. We both want our relationship to go on. But this is the problem. I hope you understand what I’m going through. Bad Girls Bible

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