How To Please a Man Sexually – 9 Orgasmic Tips

Learning how to please a man sexually can be very easy (and pleasurable for you too). But please bear in mind that it takes time and a little effort to truly master pleasuring your man sexually. Here are 9 great sex tips that you can use tonight to please your man in bed. We got them from the free Bad Girls Bible newsletter. If you are interested in getting better at pleasing you man sexually then you should check it out.

Bad Girls Bible

Bad Girls Bible

Bad Girls Bible

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Surprise Him

If there is one way to make a man forget about you quickly, it’s to have the same type of sex, in the same position at the same time everyday. Men don’t fantasize about a boring routine, ever. If you are currently stuck in a boring routine with your man, you need to snap out of it and try something different if you truly want to please him sexually. Don’t expect him to make the changes. So take the reins and initiate it when he least expects it. At the dinner table. In the kitchen. Even in the car. Surprise him by wearing no clothes or sexy lingerie. Surprise him by jumping into the shower with him.

The Element Of Desire

Men are surprisingly similar to women in a lot of ways. Although they may never admit it, they too want to be desired by women. They actually get turned on when a woman that they are attracted to is making moves and trying to seduce them. So the next time you are hanging out with your man, take the initiative and start to seduce him. You can do this by initiating the kiss, by starting to touch him in a sexual way or by telling him to come into the bedroom.

It’s Not Just His Penis

When most girls start learning how to sexually please a man, they initially think only of the penis. They rightly understand that the penis is the most sensitive part of his body. What they often forget is that his testicles (balls) and perineum (the slightly rough area between his balls and his anus) are almost just as sensitive and feel great when they are stimulated.

To stimulate his balls, all you need to do is to softly and gently hold them in your hand and massage them with your fingers. Just remember that these are very sensitive, so don’t squeeze them too tight! To stimulate his perineum you just need to stroke it back and forth with your fingers. It’s okay to use your nails, just make sure that your don’t hurt him.

Tell Him How It Feels

This is pretty easy. Most girls think that to talk dirty to their man, they need to use the same outrageous lines that they hear in porn films. This is totally unnecessary. A much easier way to talk dirty is to just describe how it feels. So if you are giving your man a handjob, just tell him how it feels. Describe the feeling to him. If you want more tips on how to talk dirty, then check out the article I have written on how to talk dirty to your man.

The Porno Option 1

As most men like pornography, watching porn together is a great way to please your man sexually. Rather than telling him about it, instead just organize it and then surprise him with it and turn it on. This is one guaranteed way to turn your man on.

The Porno Option 2

Watching porn is one thing, but lots of guys also dream about making and starring in their own porno. The best way to go about this is to mention to him that you’d like to film each other making love. Tell him that you would find it hot. You’ll be surprised to find that most men will be open to the idea.

If you do decide to go ahead and make a porno together, don’t worry too much about having the lighting and camera angle just right. You can always just reshoot it later! The best part about making a porno together is that you’ll be able to watch it together when you are finished!

The Lubricator

One unknown but very simple technique that you can use to please your guy sexually and give him a really strong orgasm is to use lots of lube when you give him a hand job. The extra lube will make his handjob feel much more luscious than without lube

Put On A Show

Never forget that a guy is primarily stimulated by what he sees! So keep this in mind when you are trying to please him and when you are learning how to give a blow job. To enhance his visual experience, you can try wearing sexy clothes/lingerie. However you can try even simpler things. For instance by simply accentuating your hip movement as you walk or staring seductively into his eyes you can really turn him on.

Keep Clean

Hopefully this last one goes without saying, but keeping clean is a vital part of the puzzle when learning how to please a man sexually. This means that you need to make sure that you are clean down there as well as making sure to trim your lady garden. It’s up to you how short you want to keep it, but it’s always good to know that most guys prefer your hair to be short down there.

If you are interested in learning more about pleasing your man sexually then I suggest you check out the Bad Girls Bible for the best tips and help.



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