Sex Tips For Women – 7 Oddly Powerful Sex Tips For Girls

Use these 7 super powerful sex tips for women to give your man fantastic orgasms in bed. You might be wondering where we got them from. They all came from the free Bad Girls Bible newsletter. It’s a fantastic resource that will teach you very quickly how to truly satisfy your man. Click Here to check it out now.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Sounds obvious right? Too many girls seem to forget that variety is probably the most powerful tool in any girls’ arsenal of sex techniques to use on her man.Variety doesn’t just mean that you should change positions frequently in bed! It means that you need to try new places, toys, techniques and positions.

Physical & Mental

Sex is both a physical and mental process. You can improve the physical aspects of sex by learning new positions and techniques. However you must not forget about the mental aspects of sex. This is one of the most important and overlooked sex tips for women.

To improve the mental aspects of sex, you need to get your man constantly thinking about sex with you. You can do this by texting him randomly during the day with saucy messages. Or an even better method is to whisper naughty things in his ear when you are both in the company of others.

Make Him Work For It

Men are very competitive by their nature. They want to climb the highest mountains, They want the best jobs. And they want to lift the heaviest weights in the gym. They value and appreciate the things that they have to work for. This is the same when it comes to sex.

If you allow your man to have sex wherever and whenever he wants it, then he will value it (and you) less. Instead you want your man to value having sex with you (This is one of the most important sex tips for women that you will ever learn!). So from time you need to make your man really work for it. Get him to give you a massage first. Get him to cook you dinner. Get him to invest in making it happen.

Be sexy!

Many girls like to think that in order to be better at sex, they need to improve in the bedroom only. They mistakenly believe that they “just need a better technique” or they “just need to learn more positions”. Learning more sexual techniques or positions will only help you so much….

However, like I mentioned in Tip #2, a large part of sex is the mental aspect. You want him to be thinking about you in a sexual way. To achieve this you need to be sexy. This means that you need to wear sexy clothes, walk, talk and act sexy. Just remember that this does not mean that you need to start dressing like a hooker!

Get Dominant!

Many girls naturally prefer dominant men in the bedroom. And that’s absolutely fine, most guys prefer to be the dominant partner in the bedroom too. However….changing this dynamic from time to time is the perfect way to spice things up. But how can you go about this?

The simplest and easiest way is to straddle him when he’s not expecting it and push his arms behind his head. Optionally you can tie his arms above his head with stockings. Don’t feel as though you have to use this sex tip for girls, however it’s nice to have it in your arsenal, to keep things hot between you and your man.

It’s Good To Be Bad

Guys often say that they want a sweet and down to earth girlfriend. This is certainly true for most guys. However, what they won’t say is that from time to time, they really enjoy being with ‘bad girls’, a girl that really knows how to give blowjob properly, a girl that has few inhibitions and is adventurous in the bedroom. This is something to keep in mind if you truly want to keep your man highly interested in having sex with you.

This does not mean that you need to start acting slutty. Instead you should try to cultivate a slight deviant streak that only your man knows about. This could be as simple as pinching his bum when he’s not expecting it. Or you can whisper something sexy in his ear when you are in the company of others (knowing that he can’t act on it). The idea here is to let your man know that you can be naughty when you want to be.

Find Out His Fantasy

This is probably the most powerful sex tip for women that you will read on this site. Finding out his fantasy and acting it out is one of the most sexy things you can do for a man. Just remember that men are often a little embarrassed about their fantasies. So don’t expect him to tell you it straight away. It will often take some prying to find out what it is. A great way to get him to open up is to tell him your fantasy first.

You can learn more great sex tips for women by checking out the Bad Girls Bible newsletter. It’s a free resource that will teach you everything from how to give great blow jobs to how to talk dirty to how to really sexually satisfy your man.


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