Oral Sex Techniques For Girls

These oral sex techniques for girls will show you how to really please your man and have him wanting more of you! If you are currently not very good in bed, then have no fear, there is help at hand! All of these tips were taken from the free Bad Girls Bible newsletter. Check it out if you want to learn even more about how to give a blow job as well as advanced oral sex techniques for women.

Many girls are looking for that ‘one’ special oral sex technique to use in bed to satisfy their lover. Unfortunately though, it’s just not that easy. To truly satisfy your man in bed you need to employ a range of different techniques and tricks. Try some of these ones:

Oral Sex Technique #1: The Tickle And Blow The tickle and blow is a oral sex technique that will pretty much give your man double the stimulation. Not many girls know this, but a man’s testicles (balls) are incredibly sensitive. Why else do you think it hurts him so much when gets kicked in the nuts? So while you are giving your man a regular blowjob, all you need to do is to use just one hand to gently massage (‘tickle’) his testicles. This practically doubles the pleasure he will get from blowjob.

Oral Sex Technique #2: He’s The Driver This oral sex technique is a little different than most you’ll hear. You see most guys like taking the lead during sex. However when he’s getting a blowjob, you are usually going to be the one in control. To change this, let him be the driver. In other words, let him tell you what to do, when to suck and when to use your hands, etc. This will make it more enjoyable for him and will take a lot of the pressure off you. All you need to do to get him to give you directions is say, “Hey baby, I want to get better at giving blowjobs, just tell me what to do.” When most guys hear this, their eyes will practically explode and they will be very eager to give directions.

Oral Sex Technique #3: The 69 You may have heard of the 69 oral sex technique before. If so, it’s because it’s a fantastic way to mutually orally please each other. It will work best for you if you get your man to lie down on his back while you straddle him and start giving him oral sex. Meanwhile he can start eating you out. The reason that you need to be on top is that it’s easier to control how much of his penis you take into your mouth. The 69 position also works very well when you are both lying on your sides.

If you are interested in learning more more great oral sex techniques for girls then I suggest you check out the Bad Girls Bible for some really awesome information.


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