How To Give Good Head

Once you know how to give good head, your man will be very likely to return the favor. However don’t think that giving head to a guy is super simple and easy. There is more to it than simply putting your head down there and sucking his penis. Check out the free Bad Girls Bible newsletter for the ultimate guide on how to give your man the perfect blowjob.

Get the setting right first. Some guys like the idea of getting caught, but most guys actually like a very private and intimate place to get a blowjob. So before going down on your man, you need to find out what he prefers. Don’t ask him directly. Instead ask indirectly. Ask him something like, “Do you ever get turned on when you know that there is someone outside” or ask him “Have you ever been afraid that we would be caught doing something we shouldn’t?!”. Once he tells you his answer, then you’ll know whether or not he likes the idea of getting head in private or somewhere more ‘risky’. If he does prefer it to be somewhere private, then make it special before getting down to it. There’s no need to light candles or anything like that, but your bedroom is the best place for it.

Once you have found a great location you need to dress in a way that properly turns him on. So this means you shouldn’t be wearing boring clothes. Instead dress sexy. This is another crucial step that’s often overlooked when learning how to give good head. This is simply to make the experience even better for your man. Remember, men are visual creatures, they get turned on by what they see. So the hotter you look, the better the experience for your man.

The last piece of the puzzle is what you say. You will ruin the moment if you are overly excited, too chatty or if you start talking directly about the blowjob. Instead you need to talk slowly and seductively while making sure to touch him, then slowly make your way down to his penis and take it in your mouth.

If you are interested in learning more about how to give your man good head then I suggest you check out the Bad Girls Bible for the best tips and help.



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