How To Give Fellatio To Your Boyfriend

Teaching someone how to give fellatio to their boyfriend for the first time is not perfectly straightforward process. There are a few things that you must first think about.

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Are you both hygenic? Before even thinking about going down on your boyfriend, it’s important that you both put in a little bit of groundwork first. It doesn’t take long long for you to quickly brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with some mouthwash. For him, it’s equally important to be hygienic. So this means that he needs to have a shower (just a quick one) to make sure everything down there is clean for you. It may be a little awkward suggesting to your guy that he take a shower, but using this simple strategy will make it easier: Don’t tell him directly, “Hey, I want to give you fellatio”, instead just hint at the blowjob to come later. All you need to say by text or email is, “Make sure you have a shower tonight, as I have a little surprise for you :)”. He’ll know what you are talking about and will almost definitely have a shower.

Make sure to warm him up. This might sound like the advice a guy would read before going down on a girl, but the same is true for girls giving head to guys. You shouldn’t just jump straight in and start giving your guy head. Instead, take it slowly. Try go from kissing him on the lips to kissing his neck to slowly working your hands down to his crotch. Once you are down there, start massaging his penis through his pants. Then once you can feel it nice and hard, you can start unbuttoning or unzipping his pants and moving down to start giving him fellatio with your mouth.

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