How to Give Head – Tips To Blow His Mind

If you don’t know how to give head, then this article is for you. Giving a guy head is not that difficult. All you need is the will to learn and some enthusiasm. These following 4 tips will start you on the path to making your man squirm as you go down on him.

Take it slow

This may sound a little counter intuitive. Sure most guys just want sex, but if it’s over too quickly, then your man may feel a little disappointed that all he got was 1 minute of fun. Instead, start slowly and build up the tension. In other words, don’t jump to his crotch! Instead, start off with some kissing and maybe massaging the outside of his pants. Maybe take off his top and then slowly work your way down to his lower regions.

Make sure you are somewhere private

This may sound like the most obvious thing in the world when it comes to learning how to give head, but being somewhere private is very important. There is nothing worse than someone walking in when you have your partner’s penis in your mouth. This is probably the most overlooked part when learning how to give head. So whatever you do, make sure that your door is locked and that people know not to disturb you.

Make him wait

Anticipation makes things far more exciting. Remember Christmas as a kid. There was nothing more exciting than Christmas. Why? Because you had to wait and wait and wait for Christmas day. If your parents told you that you could have your Christmas presents whenever you wanted them, then you wouldn’t value Christmas day as much. You need to treat your man in a similar way. Tell him that you have a blowjob surprise for him, but that he’s not going to get it for quite a while. Don’t tell him when he’s getting it, then when he’s least expecting it, give your man the blowjob he has been so desperately craving.

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