3 Tips on How to give a Guy Head

What’s up? Here’s a little video I put together with 3 great tips on how to give a guy head

So if you watched the video, you will have gotten 2 great blowjob tips on using mouthwash and not using your teeth. Of course I say on the video that the last fellatio tip is available here on the blog….

What to do if it tastes ‘icky’

Quite a few of my past girlfriends have complained about how they don’t like putting my ‘thing’ in their mouths when going down on me. They just didn’t like the taste when giving fellatio. So as a result, I decided to try and make it taste better for them. First I tried cream and then maple syrup (don’t ever use maple syrup, it ruins your clothes!). Neither of them really worked well.

Eventually I found out exactly how to accommodate her, make it feel good for me and make it pleasant tasting for her. All you need to do is use flavored lubricant. It tastes of whatever flavor you choose and it makes it feel better from your man too! Win-Win. For more tips and tricks then, it’s a good idea to have a look this site.¬†Also make sure to have a look at how to give a blowjob and how to give head to learn more simple strategies on how to give your man mind blowing blowjobs!