The Truth about Giving Guys Head

Hi Guys, today I want to tell you all the truth about giving guys head. This is exactly what I taught my own girlfriend to give me great blojobs.

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The Good

Start slow. This is super important. It feels so much better at climax if your girl starts slowly and builds as you reach orgasm. Sure you may have watched some pornos where the girl goes at it like a maniac right from the beginning, but it just doesn’t feel as good, than if you start slowly by licking and kissing the shaft of his penis.

Use your hands too! There is more than just penis. A man testicles/balls are almost as sensitive as his shaft, so use your hands to stroke them and massage them gently (remember than word gently!).But you can also use your hands up and down the penis itself.

The Bad

Most importantly, no teeth! The next biggest mistake girls make when giving guys head is…..using the same technique without any varition. This is absolutely awful when it comes to pleasing your man. You need to change exactly how you are giving him head every couple of minutes or so. This means that if you are massaging his balls/testicles, you need to move on from that to something else such as masturbating him with your hands or just licking the head of the penis.

When I was first teaching Traci how to give good blowjobs, she was quite shy and nervous and to be honest not very good at giving them. Luckily she was open to learning so we started browsing online to find some info. Unfortunately for us, most of the information out there was complete rubbish. We tried a lot of ridiculous things that felt awful to be honest.

Eventually though we stumbled upon this really fantastic resource that changed everything quite quickly. It literally took her by the hand and showed her what she needed to do so that she could really satisfy me. The weird thing about it is that it actually brought us closer together.

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