Learning How to give a Guy Head

What’s up girls, Simon here. When you are learning how to give a guy head, there are a few simple things you need to take care of before actually going down on him.

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1. Make sure you are both clean

So many girls forget to get their man to clean himself before giving him a blowjob. They forget that guys sometimes are not that clean! Equally important is how clean your mouth is. No guy wants to feel bits of what you had for dinner on his penis. So make sure you clean your teeth. A great tip is to use mouth wash right before you go down on him as it always give the guy a cool sensation.

2. No teeth!

This can’t be stressed enough. So many times, I’ve been with other girls that used their teeth. As you can guess, it’s sensitive down there. Luckily, I was able to teach Traci from scratch how to give a guy head. If you have a small mouth and find this difficult to do, then wrap your lips over your teeth to protect him

These tips come from here. However if you are looking for more information, then make sure to check out how to give head and how to give a blowjob to learn more tips and tricks on how to truly satisfy your man.